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With many years of experience in worldwide tours, we can lead you to the best adventures destinations
Thanks to our logistic, we take advantage of the long winter to visit distant and fascinating countries

NAMIBIA 14 days tour

One of the most fascinating African destinations: boundless spaces, Himba tribes, Mountains, Canyon, Falls and deserts with dunes that fade from brown to orange, frequent close encounters with antelopes. The ideal trip for those who love to ride in nature and looking for a place with 300 days of sunshine a year


COSTA RICA 12 days tour

... and not only for bike lovers, offering what the money can not buy: unique and varied habitats, unforgettable sunsets and amazing nature. You will feel in touch with the adventure in untouched nature.
In this bike tour in Costa Rica, as in all those we offer, our priority will be enjoy the best itineraries. The National Parks preserve a real paradise of bio diversity, hosting over half a million different animal and plant species.

OMAN 9 days tour

A bike adventure through a land not contaminated by mass tourism, where the ancient traditions are very lively and the population is very shy….
Perfumes of incense, ancient fortresses, villages of mud, amazing canyons and gorges and deserts…that at sunset are colored with gold and rose……..We will sleep under the stars, living the charme of this wonderful landscapes
- crossing the Hajar Mountains, throught a panoramic road
- (transports  by 4x4 only) crossing the Wahiba Desert from north to south stopping in the heart of the desert.
- (transports  by 4x4 only) reaching the White Desert, an exclusive location only for few!

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